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Drive-Threw Carhop Holder

Drive-Threw Carhop Holder

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 Car conversion tools: The classic carhop is back, but this time is yours!

The Drive-Threw Carhop Holder is a tray to put-on things in your car console. It can be used with a variety of car and pick-ups models (for food and drinks as well as your laptop) to give you a little bit more control when you use it as a car food holder or as a workspace for your laptop! The front panel has a rubberized base, so you don’t have to worry about damage for hot temperatures of food and liquids. This PP tray allows you to easily attach it to the steering wheel and start using it safety while car is not moving. This portable tray comes in to sizes; small and large and can go into your sit back-bag area to be ready to use at all times!

  • Item Type: Drinks and Food Holder
  • Model Name: Car Table Steering Wheel
  • External Testing Certification: CE
  • Material Type: PP
  • Large size: 42X28X2 cm
  • Small size: 30X17X1.2 cm
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