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Padded Seamless Bra-Vest Top

Padded Seamless Bra-Vest Top

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Designed for a perfect fit and feel. The supportive fabric is super stretchy to provide maximum support while still keeping you comfortable in all the right places.

Wear it as a top with a matching bikini brief. It’s the ultimate activewear piece that will keep you looking fresh from every angle. It’s made with an adjustable design for all type shape bodies. This top also features a stylish front mesh panel with a flat rib detail that will help you feel good while doing more of your workouts. And don't forget about the removable padding! We have added a second layer on both sides to give you extra coverage when working out!

Padded Seamless Bra-Vest Top comes complete with padded inserts to keep you cool in all the right ways. This top has a full rear design and an easy front/back pull down that allows you to adjust it however you need. You can wear as a base layer, or even a midi skirt! If you are looking for a versatile item to compliment.
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