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 Being part of the Fashion NetClub inner circle means that you'll be not only the first to hear about latest news, offers and styles, but also be able to join our sample product program as well as our fashion events. At we want you to sample our product selection at the lowest price possible, or even for free. 

 We invite you to participate in our "Sample Product Program" to join our seasonal event deals twice a year before starting Winter and Summer seasons. We want to make sure that we offer high-quality products to our customers online, so we need your reviews -- Here is the deal, for every sample product, you’ll get 60% off per product plus free shipping. (e. g. for a $100 product you just pay $40.00). All you need to do is to subscribe to our list, and get a personalized code in your Email that you can use one time only. Once you got your personalized code come back to us through that email sent to you. Select your favorite product, use your discount code at checkout and place your order. This is a good chance to know about the quality of our products for yourself. Start finding an item for yourself or your love ones! Subscribe today by sending an e-mail to: and get your personalized code.

 Help us to get better. After you received our product in your hands give us your feedback. Make a review of your favorite item in the product page. Thanks for your review! We hope you enjoy our seasonal sample product program as much as we enjoy making our products available to you.

More products coming up every week. -Note: your personalized code can be use only one time and is validate with our store's products only, none partner's products. You can send as many e-mails as you want, but for a different product each time.

 Again, thank you for reviewing our products!


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