Denims & T-shirts

Blue Denims ~ The classic pair of blue jeans belong a name in the past “Bleu de Genes” by Jean-Gabriel when furnished them with uniforms cut. The zipper and fabric were essential for this garment creation which later was reinforced with copper rivets by Davis and Strauss in 1873 to be use for workers. Then, “waist overalls” were replaced once “indigo dye” was apply on what we know as Blue Jeans or Blue Denims. Men-Tees ~T-Shirt is an upper body garment used by men and woman today. This garment has its story coming from union suits. Sears, Roebuck & Co. introduced them in their catalogues in 1902 and through time developed into what we know today as the T-Shirt or Tees. We introduce them on different styles and colors today from designers worldwide. Free Shipping!